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  • Creativity is elusive. It is not easy to learn or manage.

    As a teacher and filmmaker, Murray helps people access their creativity when they need it most.

    • Courses; Murray's teaches courses on filmmaking and content creation in universities and online for organizations.
    • Paw Print Media; Murray's production team helps companies and individuals tell stories and create content to build audiences through ... 
      • On-line or in-person workshops to design your media content strategy.
      • Content creation and media management for your company / organization.
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  • Paw Print Media

    Helping businesses.

    Paw Print Media helps businesses and organizations connect with people by telling stories with media through online courses, workshops, and managing their content. 

    The Wittenburg Door

    "Nailin' it to the church since 1971."

    The Wittenburg Door magazine (digital media and hard print) is a religious satire source that uses humour to take on people who use religion for their own interests.

    Filmmakers Crux

    Learn to tell stories with film/video.

    Web site coming.

    Advice and courses provided online after 20 years of teaching filmmaking in universities, colleges, and film schools.

  • Practical creativity.

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  • Books and Films

    Comprehensive investigation into the nature of religious satire and its place in culture.


    Armed with razor sharp wit, private investigator licenses, and a vow of poverty, The Wittenburg Door magazine satirizes Christians who take themselves too seriously. They have taken fraudulent televangelists to jail and continue to work with federal lawmakers to keep The Message honest.


    Sound and moving images juxtapose each other, representing a conversation in cinema that creates a philosophical catharsis with an audience.

    Available in paperback and Kindle.

    Extreme Jesus

    Part show, part old-time tent crusade, an evangelistic ministry performs 'extreme feats of strength' in a small prairie town, led by a barrel-chested ex-police officer and 7foot-9inch giant. How many people will come forward to accept Jesus during their Saturday night performance?








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