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  • Murray Stiller, PhD

    Producer, Filmmaker, Professor

    With 20 years of film industry experience, 20 years of higher-education teaching, a PhD in Media Philosophy, and production company, Murray travels the world with his team to teach and produce films for businesses, organizations, and independent productions.

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    • You have a story to tell. Video is the best way to connect to your audience.
    • Paw Print Productions helps capture and shape your documentary, corporate, and branded film.

  • Books and Films

    Comprehensive investigation into the nature of religious satire and its place in culture.


    Armed with razor sharp wit, private investigator licenses, and a vow of poverty, The Wittenburg Door magazine satirizes Christians who take themselves too seriously. They have taken fraudulent televangelists to jail and continue to work with federal lawmakers to keep The Message honest.


    Sound and moving images juxtapose each other, representing a conversation in cinema that creates a philosophical catharsis with an audience.

    Available in paperback and Kindle.

    Extreme Jesus

    Part show, part old-time tent crusade, an evangelistic ministry performs 'extreme feats of strength' in a small prairie town, led by a barrel-chested ex-police officer and 7foot-9inch giant. How many people will come forward to accept Jesus during their Saturday night performance?

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    Practical advice for media-education, making films, and creativity.

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    If you struggle to decide on your next project, wanting to create something valuable to people,...
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  • FilmSchoolSound

    Online Film Sound lectures.

    Dialogue is more than exposition. It creates tension, builds rhythm, and, more importantly, juxtaposition the visual to tell a story and generate an emotion that the picture and sound could not independently achieve.

    The musical score from Boogie Nights reminds us of the era, builds a sense of rhythm in the edit, and underlines the satiric message of the film.

    ‘Living in Oblivion’ is a great example of everything that can go wrong on a film set. The movie highlights the sound crew. This is an opportunity to talk about their responsibilities.

    Laugh tracks are the simulated sound of the audience laughing for us. It is meant to keep us distracted from critical thought and convince us that we are being entertained.

    One approach to a sound design is to determine the unique aspects of the genre and then choose sounds that emphasize these aspects. This spaghetti western is a great example of sound that is built around the genre story.

    Sound for animation focuses heavily on unique voices, music, and sync diegetic sound effects. But what is missing in the sound and why?

    Music is not only the physical transition for the Peter Sellers’ character in Being There, it is the emotional and story transition for the audience. Score takes us from one world to a new one.

    Sound effects draw us into the character’s moment. Critical are the beats when characters make decision. This scene is a perfect example of how the sound emphasizes the story.

  • About Murray

    Filmmaking and Teaching

    Redeemer University, Hamilton Canada

    Media and Communications Faculty (20017-2019)

    Building new film production program for Media degree.

    Teaching production courses, supervising thesis and internships, screenwriting, post-production, digital content creation, and documentary.

    Capilano University, Vancouver Canada

    Director, Bosa Centre for Film and Animation (2015-2018)

    Faculty (2003-2015)

    Teaching advanced editing, sound design, sound recording, motion graphics, project management, and first year camera and lighting.

    Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada

    Sessional professor (2005-2014)

    Course on Film Sound editing and aesthetics.

    University of British Columbia, Van. Canada

    Sessional professor (2009-2014)

    Course on Film Sound editing and aesthetics.


    Tyndale University, Toronto Ontario

    Summer sessional professor (2009-2010)

    Course on film and religious belief.


    Trinity Western University, Langley BC

    Sessional professor (2003-2004) 

    Course on Film Sound editing and aesthetics.

    FREELANCE FILM SOUND (1996-present)

    Specializing in Documentary Film: Sound Design, Editing, Recording, Re-Record Mixing.


    Notable credits include sound design for feature length documentaries Hellbound and Sex and Money by Kevin Miller, and Fallen Angel, the documentary about Larry Norman by David DiSabatino.


    Drama and experimental credits include the Academy Award winning film by Tal Shamir, The Vermeers. See IMDB.


  • Education

    Film and Philosophy

    Doctorate of Philosophy

    European Graduate School

    Dissertation: 'Sound in Cinema', to be published by Atropos Press, shows how sound in cinema is understood through Martin Heidegger's philosophy of unconcealing language and art.


    Regent College

    Thesis: Feature documentary film about religious satire, titled Nailin' It To The Church; Religious Satire and the Gospel According to The Wittenburg Door.


    Editing Resident

    Canadian Film Centre

    One of four editors from across Canada in an intensive collaboration with film directors, writers, and producers.

    Bachelor's Degree

    Trinity Western University

    Liberal Studies undergraduate degree. Major in history.









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