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    A Critical Companion to Martin Scorsese

    Just announced. This book is a comprehensive analysis of Martin Scorsese's filmmaking, storytelling, and look at how his films can be used for interdisciplinary study.

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    Sound in Cinema

    Sound in cinema and moving pictures juxtapose each other to represent a conversation. However, they speak together as a single and decisive voice. Listening leads to the cathartic recognition of the world as it presents itself. Sound in cinema is the experience of being in language and art.


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    Jesus Makes Me Laugh

    Jesus used satire. Biblical prophets used satire. Christianity needs satire. Jesus Makes Me Laugh interviews people involved in religious satire today; filmmakers, web authors, playwrights, pranksters, and the grandfathers of religious satire magazines. But when does satire go too far? Who deserves to be satirized?

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    Sound Design for Filmmakers

    Is the sound for your film all it can be? Need practical advice about sound for your film or as an upcoming sound designer?
    This book is filled with how-to techniques and coaching from someone who has taught Film Sound for almost 20 years.

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